Christmas 2017’s Hottest Trends

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It’s almost time to unwrap gifts and enjoy all the joys of Christmas. But before we indulge in festive treats, let’s take a look at the hottest trends affiliates should be aware of.

Because betting on current trends is the way to go.

Understanding how shoppers behave online during this special time of the year is a good starting point.

The following trends are meant to help you maximize your sales as an affiliate — so you are even more successful. As the saying goes, knowledge is power.

No need for a crystal ball either. These trends are mostly based on observable and measurable facts.

Trend #1: Christmas Starts Earlier Than You Think

As the notion of one day of limited deals — Black Friday — becomes more and more obsolete, we are starting to witness a new online phenomenon: Black November.

Indeed, onlines sales surged almost 18% compared to 2016 in the United States (Adobe Analytics) from November 1, 2017 – November 22, 2017.

As affiliates, you shouldn’t underestimate the importance of Thanksgiving. This is a new starting point for holiday purchases, with customers spending a record $2.87 billion this year.

Cyber Monday is also a new trend that’s even more popular than Black Friday and Thanksgiving. In 2017, digital transactions reached $6.59 billion on this special Monday, breaking all previous records. That’s an impressive 16.8% bump year-to-year.

What about us?

It’s still too soon to share stats from this holiday season. However, we saw a 6% revenue bump in December of last year.

There’s no doubt these sales were driven by November’s offers, creating a momentum of sorts, maintaining itself all the way ‘til Christmas.

Here are two concrete actions you can take to hop on the early shopping bandwagon:

  • Promote time-sensitive offers (like Deal4Porn) that take advantage of the Black Friday, Thanksgiving and Cyber Monday mania.
  • Ramp up your marketing efforts as early as November to boost awareness about your website and/or offers you want to put in the limelight.

Trend #2: Mobile is on the Rise

Over the past few months, mobile traffic has managed to catch up to the amount of Desktop traffic sent to CrakRevenue’s offers.

So much so that we’ve observed a 40% ROI boost from our mobile offers alone.

If your promotional efforts don’t include mobile, you’re doing it wrong.

Everyone agrees that mobile traffic is not only on the rise, it’s becoming the main traffic source.

Take for instance Pornhub. In its Year in Review article (2016), the popular website noted an outstanding 1424% rise in mobile traffic.

If you have your own website, adopting a mobile-first strategy should be one of your top priorities.

If you don’t, targeting smartphone and tablet users with mobile offers seems like a no-brainer.

Trend #3: The Star Wars Frenzy

There’s often a direct correlation between popular entertainment and porn.

Star Wars isn’t immune to this trend.

People fantasize about their favorite characters all the time.

Even more so if they are wielding lightsabers and lavish costumes.

Xhamster shared some interesting stats about the “Star Wars” keyword-phenomenon on its website.

Star Wars Porn Stats

For the past 3 years, there’s been an explosion in interest for Star Wars related porn.

This isn’t a strictly Christmas thing, but the release of the 2017 movie coincides with the holiday season, making it primetime for this time-specific trend.

How exactly can you profit from the Dark Side of the Force, one might ask?

You’ll have to think a bit outside the box for this one.

One good idea is to embed xxx Star Wars videos using, say, iframes.

As the hype will only die down in the coming weeks, it’s important to act now while people are looking for their Star Wars porn fix.

Trend #4: Any Porn Keyword + Christmas

It comes as no surprise that each year, people add the word “Christmas” to every popular porn keyword imaginable.

A quick look at Google Trends gives us all the proof we need:

christmas porn

As an affiliate, here’s a quick list of popular keywords you can use this Christmas:

  • Naughty santa’s helper
  • Mrs Claus
  • Xmas Sex

There are also a lot of fairly generic keywords like “Santa” that could also bring you clicks. Keep in mind it will be harder to rank well with the more competitive, commonly targeted ones.

You’d have better luck with something like “Christmas Porn Video,” “Christmas Lesbian Porn” or even “Christmas Porn Gifs.” These longtail keywords are more niche-centric and therefore are easier to rank and less costly per CPC.

Here’s more food for thought brought to you by Pornhub (2016):

pornhub christmas keywords

Bonus: Make your site festive!

Now that you’ve learned about some of the most interesting Christmas trends for 2017, we have something else to share…

To achieve even greater sales and traction, you can brand your website and tailor it to the holidays.

You can do this by:

  • Creating a unique tour with a special Christmas discount
  • Specifically making Christmas-themed creatives and graphics for your site

There are websites that even went one step further — take for instance Booby Christmas, where a very special Advent Calendar awaits you.

Each day of December, you are given a sexy preview of busty babes. The user can then click to watch the video, which is brilliant, in our opinion.

booby christmas
Wanna see what’s behind these doors? Curiosity is a powerful marketing tool.

Booby Christmas is a perfect example of what we are trying to say when we talk about thinking outside the box.

There’s a ton of ways to profit around the holidays — all you need is a bit of imagination.

Putting It Together

As shown in this post, the weeks leading up to Christmas have a lot of potential for affiliates.

Online shoppers are willing to spend sooner than before and using this mindset to your advantage will be a key to your success.

Remember, don’t forget to roll out the red carpet for your visitors as soon as November (a tip for next year!). You don’t want to miss out on Thanksgiving, Cyber Monday and to a lesser extent Black Friday!

There’s never been a better time to rake in the dough in the adult industry. However, this is a double-edged sword as more affiliates will jump on this opportunity — which means you will need to deliver quality content (as you should) and find new niches to take advantage of.

Good news: taking into account current trends already puts you miles ahead of the competition.

Feel free to share how you feel about these trends in the comments below!

Maybe you are even aware of a trend we missed? This is also a good opportunity to share your wisdom with fellow affiliates!


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