Grab the Perfect Adult Domain – Part 1

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The adult domain name market is a highly sought after one. Let's look at how you can play your cards right in the domain name boxing ring!


More often than not when it comes to the adult industry and the domain name of your choice… the one you have your heart set on (and the one that would be absolutely perfect for your needs) is already taken.

Alas, that’s the way life works.

The domain name market – and adult domain names in general, are highly sought after. It’s a dog-eat-dog world out there. Dictionary word, common expression, and the most obvious domains you can think of are worth thousands and thousands of dollars (sometimes millions!).

In times like these, knowing how to deal and negotiate with a competitor (or a domain broker) is paramount to your success… and wallet.

But first, you need to pick your battles and settle on a domain that’s right for YOU!

Let’s talk about how you can do that.

Keyword planning done right

Not long ago, we wrote at length on the subject of SEO, and the importance of keywords.

Keywords matter to SEO, just as they matter to domain names.

Nothing beats having one of the main keywords you’re targeting… in your domain name!

Of course, if capital is what you lack, and you can’t afford a truly out-of-this-world six or seven figure domain name, there’s still hope for you yet. There are certain tools available to aid you in your search efforts.  Let’s talk about a few of ‘em.

Google Adwords Keyword Planner

Google’s Keyword Planner can be a lifesaver while hunting for a domain. This handy service offered by Google allows you to see how a list of keywords might perform, and of course, lets you search various keywords for inspiration.

And by inspiration, we’re of course talking about getting some good domain ideas based off the data Google provides you.

You’ll get an idea of what’s popular, and what’s not.

Indeed, the most competitive keywords with the highest suggested bid price are typically the most sought after. Especially if you’re searching individual keywords.

Google Trends

Google Trends is another terrific tool for comparing search terms (aka keywords). For every keyword searched, you’ll see a chart depicting the interest over time for any particular keyword or phrase.

Not only that, but you’ll see Regional interest for these keywords and phrases, while also seeing what Related searches go hand-in-hand with these queries

One word keywords (and one word domain names) will always receive the most search traffic — and highest volume of type-in traffic.

Finding one of these badboys with type-in traffic is the equivalent of striking gold!

Type-in Traffic

These are curious individuals; maybe even risk takers. Type-in traffic can be classified as visitors who take a chance and type a domain name into their Address bar without ever knowing where it will take them, or whether a site even exists.

The exception:  Visitors may still be referred to as “type-in users” when they’re familiar with a domain – perhaps even seeing a watermarked URL on a banner and typing it in.

Whenever a user ends up on a site on his or her own accord – and not by the way of search engine – they’re usually called a type-in visitor.

Finding the right domain name

How do I know if the domain I want is taken?

You can use this domain lookup tool.

With this site, you can type in or paste any domain possibilities you want to lookup/register. Have a keyword in mind? Or maybe even a few of them?  You can search multiple domains at once by separating each keyword with a space.

You’ll see which ones are available, and which ones are taken.  Anything obvious that comes to mind is likely to have been thought of by somebody else first. Remember, domains are money. People want good ones. There are millions of people out there constantly checking for the best ones to register, always capitalizing on the latest trends.

If by chance you do happen to find a truly outstanding keyword-oriented domain that is available to register…JUMP ON IT!

Making lemonade out of lemons

On the flip side, as much as we’d all love to score that perfect one-word .com domain, that doesn’t always happen. You can still turn average domains into money-makers by using some of the aforementioned tools above (Google Trends and Google Adwords Keyword Planner).

Hyphenated domains get a lot of flack—they may not be worth millions, and they’re probably not going to get any type-in traffic, but hyphenated domains allow you to target multiple keywords in one domain.

In an SEO sense, this works, and in due time this domain would receive traffic once nurtured and developed. The idea here would be to register keyword-oriented domains and fill them up with legally sponsored content, quickly and efficiently, using a service like EasyXSites.

For example, let’s search “mobile tube sex” on Google Trends:

Here we can see from the chart that interest is great and the Related searches below are right up there in popularity as well!

Now, we go to our domain lookup tool and check the potential variations we could use:

If any of these jump out at you, register the domain and begin building a site geared towards this niche.  Voilà!  It’s really as easy as that.  For those hyphen haters out there, think of it this way: this route is better than none.

However, we know some of you guys aim higher…

We know some of you still want that one word, prime piece of real estate that will take your adult site to another level.

And who wouldn’t want a sought after domain like that?!

Next week, stick around for more on domains. We’ll be exploring the reputable places one can purchase a valuable, established— kickass domain, and the approach one can take to ensure the greatest success in this field.

Thanks for reading!

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